What Are Dentures? 

Dentures can be briefly explained as a set of replacement teeth that substitute for those which are missing. Dentures can be removed from and put inside the mouth very easily, most often without any pain or discomfort. Though it may take a while to get used to the feel of your dentures (as it’s tough to create an exact replica of your natural teeth), dentures made today are more comfortable and natural looking than they ever have been. 

You can choose between two main types of dentures – these being full dentures and partial dentures. Your dentist at Springhill Family Dental will guide you in the right direction when choosing the correct type of dentures that best suit your needs as a whole, and their decision is most likely based around whether just a few or all of your natural teeth are missing/to be replaced, as well as the total cost involved with the procedure. Each unique set of dentures is custom made inside a dental laboratory using impressions which have been taken from the inside of your mouth. 

Who Needs Dentures? 

It’s not just the elderly who can benefit from wearing dentures, as people of all ages and backgrounds can improve their quality of life with a set of smile boosting false teeth. Deciding whether a patient can benefit from a set of dentures can depend on an array of factors, as there are many different causes of tooth loss and other related symptoms. For example, some patients lose their teeth because of health conditions like diabetes or gum disease, whilst others may have fallen victim to an injury or accident that lead to tooth loss. Certain conditions that you may associate with dentures such as tooth degradation can be prevented or treated in an alternative manner that forfeits the need for dentures, so it’s important that you can get in touch with your dentist at Springmill Family Dental to find the right solution. 

The Benefits Of Dentures

There are many different benefits of getting your own set of dentures. Once you lose one or more teeth, your face (more specifically, your cheeks) may begin to sag and appear to sink inwards. If there aren’t a sufficient number of healthy teeth to provide support for the cheeks, then your face may end up taking on a hollow appearance, which may encourage you to look far older than you actually are. Dentures may also help those suffering from tooth loss to speak more clearly, as it’s often difficult to pronounce certain words and sounds without having teeth. Additionally, dentures can allow the user to consume a vast array of different foods which may not have been possible with missing teeth. 

If you think you might need dentures or are curious about tooth loss prevention, you should always visit a dentist regularly. Those with missing teeth can find the best quality denture solutions to suit the most unique needs, so do hesitate to get in touch with Springhill Family Dental today.