We here at Springmill Family Dentistry are very passionate and dedicated to helping the people of Westfield, Indiana fix any dental problems that they might come across. Not only is it very important for us to be trained and passionate about helping our patients learn how to best take care of their teeth. Preventative dental care in Westfield is dental care surrounded by teaching patients how to prevent dental problems from happening.

Springmill Family Dentistry is passionate about families’ dental health and making sure that everyone in your family gets the care that they need no matter what age. We also make it a priority to know how to teach everyone in the family about preventative dental care in Westfield and how to keep your teeth clean and healthy!

Preventative Measures

Twice a year professional dental cleanings and exams are very important if you are wanting to prevent dental problems from occurring in your teeth. Dentist all across the country encourage the twice a year cleanings and exams to check in on your teeth. Dental cleanings are done with a special toothbrush and special toothpaste that do a deep cleaning of your teeth.

After your teeth are cleaned, it is standard for the dentist to do an exam to check in on the health of your teeth. The dentist looks closely at your teeth for dark spots, soft spots, and teeth that could start becoming a problem in the future.

X-rays are used to take pictures of your teeth to portray if there are any cavities or problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Taking X-rays allows the dentist to take a detailed look at your teeth to see if problems might occur so that they can do what they can try to prevent the problem from worsening.

Sealants are a great way to help protect originally healthy teeth from accumulating food and decay-causing cavities. Sealants are only placed on the back molars where it is difficult for the toothbrush to reach and clean. Typically, it is suggested that children and teenagers get sealants right as their molars have grown in.

Not only do kids receive sealants, but it is also a great idea for anyone at any age to receive a sealant so that they can prevent decay. Dental sealants are made out of a smooth material placed onto the chewing surface of the tooth, covering the deep pits and fissures. The material is then cured with a curing light to secure the material.

Taking the suggested measures to prevent dental problems from happening will help you create a healthy and strong smile. If you are in the Westfield, Indiana area and haven’t gotten a deep professional cleaning, please come give us a call! Our team here at Springmill Family Dentistry would love to help you and your family do all you can to prevent dental problems from occurring. It is important to keep our teeth healthy so that they will be there for the rest of our lives! If you have any questions, please give us a call!